Daklozen on Ice

Because of the fact that the Paulus Church goes out of business, the homeless people in Rotterdam are abandoned. A charitable organisation decides to take care of the homeless people and lets them shine in a beautiful ice-show. This is, however, not as easy as it may seem.

Not only are the homeless people no great talents, also the ice rink constantly changes temperature. One moment the rink is way too cold, and not too much later the rink is way too hot. Moreover, the homeless people are not very motivated. If they even show up, they reach for the bottle a bit too often. Little by little the hope of the organisation turns into despair. 

Daklozen on Ice was produced in cooperation with the RO Theatre. Theatre Company Vis à Vis has worked together with the RO Theatre before with the performance 5000 Fingers (season 2000/2001). Vis à Vis played Daklozen on Ice in 2008 in Las Palmas Theatre at Rotterdam.