International Almere


DATE: 13th of July

START OF THE SHOW: 21:00 hours

In association with International Almere we are organizing a special 'International evening' on friday the 13th of July. This is a great opportunity to enjoy a great show and at the same time meet up with fellow International Almere members. We will reserve spots on our stand so all members of International Almere can sit together while enjoying our show. After the show there will be live music, campfires and the bar will be opened so you will have plenty of time to have a conversation with other International Almere members. 

You can use the discount code provided by International Almere to get a €7,50 discount on your tickets. In case you can't make it on the 13th of July but still want to visit the show MARE; this discount code can also be used for tickets on any other day we play the show (except for the 23rd of june). You can find more information on how to use the discount code and how to buy tickets below. 


About MARE: Rising sea levels, caused by global warming, have flooded the entire earth. Cities are swallowed by the rising waters. The remains of civilization are a handful of people on small islands trying to survive in this apocalyptic world. As the disaster escalates, Vis à Vis introduces a floating wooden house, a flooded nightclub with an unsteady floorshow, crashing air traffic and a couple of newlyweds heading for disaster.

The trailer for MARE (in dutch):


We're glad that you want to use the special discount code for €7,50 discount for members of International Almere to come and visit our show MARE. If you want to know more about MARE you can visit this page

To help you get through the proces of buying tickets we have written down a short step-by-step guide. (Unfortunately our ticketshop is in dutch, if you can't understand the buying proces feel free to contact us on 

  1. PIck a date in our calender.
  2. Select the amount of tickets you want. *
  3. Press 'Volgende' and add diner tickets (optional) or press 'Volgende' to continue. 
  4. Fill in your personal details and press 'Volgende'. 
  5. Now you can enter the discount code and press 'Activeer'.
  6. Press 'Betalen' and complete the payment.
  7.  You will recieve the tickets in your e-mail as an attachment.

* The discount code is only valid on the regular tickets of € 32,50 during the period of May 11th until Juli 15th, excluding our Midsummer Night Special on June 23rd. 

* The discount code gives €7,50 off of every (regular) ticket. You can order a max of 8 tickets at a time with this discount code.

If you have any questions you can reach us by telephone on 036 82 00 333 or you can send an email to: