Midsummer Night Special June 23rd

The Midsummer Night Special on the 23rd of June is an evening full of delicious food and surprising acts. A sensational summer night in a festival like atmosphere.


Prior to the show there will be several acts opening the Midsummer Night Special, including:

The rest of the acts will be announced shortly.


Enjoy a delicious dinner in our unique restaurant de Rode Haring. You will find yourself among props and set pieces from previous shows at this authentic and impressive restaurant.

The dinner buffet includes soup, salad, various hot dishes and a dessert. After the show, campfires will be lit and you can relax with a drink.

Dinner (€23.50 pp) can be booked as a package with the show tickets. If you want to book your dinner tickets separately use this link or book them here with the show.

From 8pm you can enjoy various theatrical and musical acts on our terrain. The theatre play (MARE) starts at 10pm after the sun has set. Subsequent to the play the Midsummernight afterparty will start. A band will end the festive night on a musical note.