PICNIC is a performance in which the audience can see what’s going on stage and behind the scenes. There are two stages, both showing the performance from a different perspective. After the interval the audience switches stage.

PICNIC is all about a couple who are having a peaceful picnic in the forest on the last day of their holiday. But then, all of the sudden, the peace is disrupted by a wounded motor cyclist with valuable luggage. Driven by greed and jealousy the quiet picnic spot turns into a great battlefield. While the first half of the audience watches the plot unfold, the other half witness preparations being made by actors and technicians behind the scenes to create the performance. 

After seeing both sides to the story, the audience leaves the performance with questions. 

Vis à Vis performed PICNIC in 2014 at their own location (since 2006), next to the Beach of Almere (Almeerderstrand). 35,000 visitors saw PICNIC in 2014 and another 100,000 people between 1999-2004